Back to Normal … or … Take a Chance on Change?

We very Happy Quilting Friends were finally able to meet as usual, swapping our stories, our ideas for the way forward and reviewing just what we have achieved in spite of the recent setbacks to our usual 1st, 3rd and 5th Wednesday meetings.

Will ‘working from home’ ever apply to us ?? Does ZOOM have any appeal to patchworking – hmm, No! The ‘Show and Tell’ time after the more formal beginnings to each meeting is always a welcome and funfilled experience for us when we can see each other’s work.

Sometimes it’s a new look to an old tale if you will; or a completely new pattern, giving us good reason to offer praise and encouragement.

It gives us the opportunity to take note of each others efforts, the perseverance and challenges in creating and completing a quilt. Some quilts are made for family members and friends while our other efforts are always part of the community quilts project.

As a group, I wonder IF we have changed due to all the extreme challenges of the last two years? Perhaps the wider Community needs have also changed?

Recently I came across a new opportunity for our quilting group to contribute to the Overseas Community.

At a combined Rotary Club function I heard about “Days for Girls” … an organisation providing sanitary items for women in third world countries. Items made from all-cotton fabrics. Items ‘made’ by groups here, made suitable for climatic conditions in poorer countries, helping women and schoolgirls in situations I (we) have no idea about, giving young women and girls a chance to gain an education.

A chance to move outside during the daytime, away from home and to learn and communicate every day, not just ‘some days’ !!!

There is NO SHAME in being female, let’s help other women feel good about being “who-they -are-too” !!!

It won’t be like trade on the ‘old silk road’ of the 15th century but perhaps with our fabrics we could help create a fabric-trail-to education … we’re certainly going to give it a go??