What is an at Assessment?

By Rejimon Punchayil

When we talk about AT or Assistive Technology, we mean equipment, technology and devices that help us do things we can’t do.

at Assessment

In the Review prepared for the Department of Health, AT is defined as “any product (devices, equipment, instruments and software), especially produced or generally available, used by or for persons with disability for participation, to protect, support, train, measure or substitute for body functions/structures and activities, or to prevent impairments, activity limitations or participation restrictions.”

Aids such as a can opener, scooter or a bed are some examples of AT products. An AT assessor is someone who is able to consider a person’s needs and identify the most appropriate AT.

Under the My Aged Care programme, NDIS and the Dept of Vet Affairs an AT Assessment report (called differently in diverse programmes) is usually required. Do not mistake this for an ACAT assessment.

The process of selecting and purchasing the correct equipment can be overwhelming, time-consuming and expensive yet it is an important decision. Comfort Discovered as AT Specialists offers an independent Occupational Therapist for a personal assessment, considering the medical, physical and cognitive aspects of the individual with a written report of suitability and funding justification.

The report will include assessment of anthropometrics (individual sizing and ergonomics), trial and assessment of different AT options, detailing equipment trialled and clinical justification for clinicians’ recommendations which can be passed onto the relevant funding body. Take the stress and guess work out of equipment selection!

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