Quilting group-Arcadian Quilter’s News

Giving and Receiving: “A thousand words leave not the same deep impression as does a single deed” … this quote is attributed to Henrik ( Johan) Ibsen (born in 1828). He was to become one to the great 19th century playwrights. This quote, now in the more familiar format we know today … “a picture is worth a thousand words” …. can be assigned to this photograph below, a photograph of one of the new arrivals to our country, a lady who is being cared for and helped by Red Cross.

The original quote refers to the impression left by the benefit of a single deed.

In this case the single deed was the making of this quilt and hearing the pride and delight from our quilting member as she said …” oh look, my quilt has been chosen by someone”.

Is this not giving and receiving in the most simple and rewarding way ??

We enjoy the involvement in our quilting group, we benefit from the friendships formed, the contacts and ideas shared and the opportunity to reach into the community with what we have to offer.

There will be a … Community Connect Event on Sunday 20th March, held between 11am and 3pm. This even will be at the Harvey Lowe Pavilion, Doran Drive, Castle Hill, (2154 NSW.)

Come along and join in the day, see what’s going on “in the Hills” and learn more about our quilting group.

Also get more information about us by contacting Carole on 9894 7749. We meet at 9.30 am on 1st, 3rd and 5th Wednesdays, (meeting at the moment in the CWA Hall on Annangrove Road opp Fire Station.).

Meanwhile, keep up the smiles, the joy and the care for each other !!!