At 4:00am on Sunday 10th October Oscar Szkudlarek, 9 years old and his dad Krzysztof took to the east side of Galston Gorge to begin their Base Camp Half Everest ride.

Everything is an activity in which cyclists ascend and descend any given hill multiple times, in order to have cumulatively climbed 8,848 metres (the equivalent of Mount Everest), therefore the Base Camp Half Everest is only 4,424 metres which is half of this.

Oscar only began road riding in the 2020 Sydney lockdown and took it upon himself to conquer the Gorge 29 times in order to achieve this. With the support of friends, family, club riders and mentors Oscar was accompanied every inch of the climb, only stopping for short snacks and toilet breaks. The ride was 9 hours and 50 minutes in the saddle which accumulated to 169.37 kilometres.

Being restricted to hills within our LGA this lockdown was a choice between Berowra Waters Gorge or Galston Gorge. It was chosen to do Galston due to the switchbacks and it being safer to ride with traffic as safety was the main priority with this challenge.

Oscar has now secured himself as the youngest Australian to ever complete a Base Camp Half Everest