Hidden In The Hills – Coachwood


By Lachlan Turner Readers will be forgiven for thinking that the images accompanying this article are of the NSW Christmas Bush (Ceratopetalum gummiferum). However, featured here is a close relative known as [...]

Hidden In The Hills – Coachwood2021-11-29T14:25:03+11:00

Why have a Lawn?


In today's world of harsh and clean lines within architecture, the grass is a cheap and effective way to break the harshness of concrete and other solid building materials. Your lawn is [...]

Why have a Lawn?2021-11-06T14:08:14+11:00

Bromeliad Meetings to Resume in November


Good news for the Bromeliad Society of Australia, its members and guests with their meetings resuming on Saturday, 6th November at the Federation Pavilion, Castle Hill Showground, Showground Road, Castle Hill off [...]

Bromeliad Meetings to Resume in November2021-10-31T20:53:49+11:00
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