Arcadian Quilting

I only know her as ‘Gran’ … I’ve not met her but I hear about her often. I hear about her quick wit, her agile mind, her success with crosswords and her love of reading, also her eagerness for involvement in whatever is going on at the time. I have been given the opportunity to share something from this Grandmother and Great-grandmother’s creative side during her long life of 97 years.

I find myself talking about her as IF we have met as I introduce her to the Arcadian Quilting group. A dear friend of mine has shared Gran’s creative possessions with me in the hope that we quilters may find use and enjoyment from her ideas and a partly completed quilt !!!

As you can see ….. bold, eclectic splashes of random colour … (I love it ). This is what patchwork once was. Anything left-over from home made clothes, ordinary fabric irrespective of quality or content. Gran seems to have been a natural quilter, her common-sense approach to creating the finished article is apparent in her style of work … if you happen to have the fabric, the colours are bright, happy — and there is enough of it to repeat the pattern several times …. Result success!!

We did find joy and curiosity within the boxes, bags and partly completed long-stitch. There was also crocheting and embroidery wool. Knitting needles of every size, colour and texture ranging from metal, bamboo and plastic, crochet hooks came in many sizes as well ….?

This Grandma was indeed a busy and creative woman. The remainder of this collection will be given to Achieve Australia, the proceeds of which go towards Disability Services and Support. They also support employment and social inclusion and teach social skills to the disadvantaged adding an opportunity to live a life independently.

For more about US and what we do please contact Carole on 9894 7749.

We meet on the 1st, the 3rd and the 5th Wednesday of each month, currently at the CWA Hall opp the Fire Shed on Annongrove Road, Dural.