Think Before Working While Sick

Stuck at home with Covid and in isolation, what better topic to raise than working while sick. Let’s talk about whether you should be working while sick, and the implications for your clients, your colleagues and you.

Firstly, will you prolong your sickness and potentially end up in hospital or worse? Hospital is the last place I want to be! It may cause insurance issues too.

Working while sick you can be setting expectations so your customers can expect you to deliver every time you’re sick. This places too much pressure on you to always perform. But also, what standard will you deliver? I cancelled a number of appointments because my brain fog meant I just wasn’t there, and I get into coughing fits talking. Rather than deliver badly, I decided to defer to when I can give my clients a better experience.

If you’re physically going to work, are you sharing your germs with the public, your colleagues and clients? How would you feel although you have something mild, they or a loved one get very sick? Do you really want to be a super spreader? At a minimum work from home.

Are you setting a standard for your employees, so they feel obliged to work sick? Don’t create a bad precedent!

When you’re sick, please remember to take time to be sick to allow your body to recover, and not prolong the sickness any longer than it needs to.

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Working While Sick