Deck The Garden Halls for Christmas

Sydney's Plant Market

With November’s warm sun upon us, it’s the ideal time to ready your garden for a beautiful Christmas. Whether you’re an experienced gardener or just beginning to explore the world of plants, Sydney’s Plant Market is your trusted source of expertise, helping you achieve a lush and inviting garden for the holiday season.

Seasonal planting: November is the perfect time to think ahead. Choose and plant varieties that will be in full bloom or at their peak by Christmas.

Garden grooming: To ensure your garden looks its best, regular maintenance is key. Prune, weed, and nourish your plants to keep them thriving throughout the season.

Outdoor decor: Enhance your garden’s appeal with outdoor decorations, including garden ornaments, pots, seating options, and festive lighting. These elements create an inviting atmosphere for your Christmas celebrations.

Lawn Care: Remember to give some attention to your lawn. Mowing, aerating, and watering are essential for a lush, green carpet that complements your garden’s festive decor.

Pest Patrol: With the warmer weather, keep an eye out for garden pests. Check plants regularly, especially the underside of leaves. Use natural deterrents or eco-friendly sprays where possible.

Mulching Magic: As temperatures rise, mulch your garden beds. This helps retain soil moisture, suppresses weeds, and gives garden beds a neat appearance. Choose an organic mulch that’ll break down, adding nutrients to the soil.

Hydration Habits: Set up a watering routine. Early morning or late evening is best to prevent evaporation. If you’re planning a vacation around Christmas, consider investing in a drip irrigation system or asking a neighbour to help.

Finishing Touches: A week or two before Christmas, do a final garden check. Prune any overgrown plants, add some festive outdoor decor, and ensure pathways are clear. Maybe even set up a small Christmas tree or ornament display in a garden nook!

Armed with this checklist, your garden is set to be a stunning backdrop to your Christmas festivities.

For any questions or concerns, the team at Sydney’s Plant Market are ready to assist. Open 7 days, 7am-5pm, 184 Annangrove Rd, Annangrove or visit Happy Gardening!