Building Community With Timber

timber company

Four local groups are drawn together with the common passion of working with timber.  The NARANGBA timber company of Dural has teamed up with Dural Men’s Shed, the Dural Pony Club and Warrah school in projects that will have a great benefit for the Dural community.

Narangba Timber has donated timber to the Dural Men’s Shed for the “GIDDY UP PROJECT.” The shed is rebuilding the old, unsafe spectator seating for the Dural Pony Club, much to the delight of the pony club members.

Lisa Stephenson from the Dural Pony Club states ”The Pony Club is incredibly grateful for the support given by Narangba Timber.

As a purely volunteer group, Dural Pony Club is fortunate that we are part of a community that has civic minded businesses such as Narangba Timber and community groups like Dural Men’s Shed.

timber companyWorking together the three organisations are making a difference to help us provide a modern, safe and beautiful space for our members and the greater pony club Zone 23 to survive. We simply cannot thank them enough.”

Narangba Timber has also joined up with the Dural Men’s Shed to supply timber for the building project of four tables that WARRAH have asked for in their farm produce shop at Dural.

These tables are actually going to be built by the young men from WARRAH who come to the shed every Wednesday. The WARRAH young fellas will proudly be able to show off their building achievement “back at the ranch”! Great community partnerships in action.

Dural Men’s Shed is located at The Centre, 1 Pellitt Lane Dural 2158, open Thursdays (9am To 4pm) and Saturdays (9am To 2pm). Contact us on 02 8989 0000, [email protected],