Mens Sheds 30 Years In Australia

The Dural Mens Sheds celebrated recently the 30th birthday of the MEN’S SHED movement in Australia. Whilst, by comparison, the Dural shed is just a youngster, having been started 12 years ago by the BAPTIST CHURCH at THE CENTRE in Dural, and has grown to a membership of 140.

Men’s Shed members never need much of an excuse for a BBQ! The shed movement is highly regarded throughout Australia, promoting the wellbeing of men, and giving purpose in retirement and ill health.

The sheds also serve their communities who want some woodwork or metalwork, or general work done.

Men’s sheds provide safe places to socialize and build community, and with the mental health issues affecting men of all ages it is correct to say that the sheds are literally saving lives.

The Dural Shed BBQ event was attended by local State members, Ray Williams and Mark Hodges, as well as members of the business community who have been a big support over the years.

The shed can be contacted by email on [email protected] or on the website and by phone on 8989 0000.