Plant Parenting: Tips For The Novice Gardener

Are you a novice gardener starting your gardening journey? Exciting times lie ahead. Sydney’s Plant Market offers insights to help novice gardeners navigate common pitfalls and set their plants up for success.

Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them:
1. Over-crowding: when plants are placed too closely together, they compete for essential resources like light, water, and nutrients. Know the mature size of each plant and leave ample space between each.

2. Over-watering: this is the top misstep among new gardeners. Avoid watering on a strict schedule. Instead, check the soil’s moisture. A quick finger test can reveal if your garden needs water or not. The soil should be wet several inches down.

3. Too much sun (or too little): not every plant craves continuous sunlight. Research or consult our in-store experts to determine your plant’s light requirements. Adjust its location accordingly.

Plant Parenting: Tips For The Novice Gardener

4. Neglecting drainage: prolonged exposure to stagnant water can cause root rot. Always ensure your garden beds or pots promote adequate drainage.

5. Poor soil selection: plants are picky about their soil. The wrong mix can affect growth and health. Use the recommended soil type for each plant.

6. Ignoring pests & diseases: new gardeners might not recognise the early symptoms until it’s too late. You should regularly inspect your plants including the undersides of leaves. Look for tiny bugs, discoloration, or unusual spots. If you find any issues, discuss with a professional how to treat them.

7. The wrong pot: the right pot is essential. Choose one roughly 2 inches larger than the plant’s root ball. Always opt for one with drainage holes and select a material that completements your plant’s moisture preferences.

Happy Gardening!

Armed with knowledge, you’re ready to thrive in plant parenting. For any questions or concerns, the team at Sydney’s Plant Market are ready to assist. Open 7 days, 7am-5pm, 184 Annangrove Rd, Annangrove or visit