Seniors Sleep Matters!

As we grow older, we tend to spend more time on our bed, and Seniors Sleep Matter starts.

It is wonderful that we can find that extra time which was not at our disposal hitherto. We tend to pay attention to our pillow, mattress, bed and other factors that influence our sleep only when we are challenged with our sleep. As we are getting into cooler season, there is an opportunity for a review.

Thanks to constant research, our understanding of sleep and how our body responds to sleep have led to great innovations in mattresses, beds, pillows and other accessories.

The current pandemic, bush fires and floods have had their impact on these technological improvements. There are mattresses whose fire rating is high and those that aid evacuation easily. Managing and treating pressure is another important role that a mattress can play.

Is it not time to check out what is available that are compatible with our current understanding and latest technologies in the area of sleep and things that promote better sleep?

Take a good look at your bed, mattress, and pillow to start with. When was the last time you changed them? There are pillows of all sorts that you hear about in the media.

Find a mattress and if required an electric bed, that suits your own personal requirement. This is much more than just choosing a set of new furniture. Basic foam mattress, visco elastic mattresses, pressure care mattresses, hybrid mattress, alternating air mattress, pumpless noise less mattress….and the list goes on.

Please do not hesitate to seek the assistance of an Allied Health provider to get some advice on what is best for you. You can also consult an Assistive Technology Specialist who will advise you on the various options available and those that can be trialled. For more information head to

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Seniors Sleep matters

Seniors Sleep Matter, Seniors Sleep Matter