See Saw Artistry


The Dural Men’s Shed is known for creating many beautiful and practical objects by its talented members. They range from cutting boards to various wood turned items to pyrography, windmills and model cars, and now has a series of hand-painted handsaws available for display and sale.

These saws were wielded by woodworking warriors and daily carried into battle for many decades. They were used to building everything from cubby houses to out-houses and family homes. They were used for every conceivable woodworking project to bring joy and functionality into the lives of many until, one day, it was decided they had reached their use-by date.

They were tossed into a dark corner of the shed, discarded, unloved, unwanted and left to rust in their old age. Until, one day, their owner rediscovered them and thought that perhaps they could enjoy another life at the Dural Men’s Shed. And, so they have…

With each saw, the rust was removed, treated and then primed (if necessary, repaired) before being lovingly hand-painted with a different and unique image or scene on each saw. They are then sealed with several coats of clear varnish.

For each finished saw, a lot of work goes into the preparation as well as the painting of the particular scene. They are very reasonably priced from $75 to $95. Should you wish to purchase one, or simply get more details, go to or phone:

• Ray Scully 0412 807 384
• Chris Thomas 0402 478 498

The Dural Men’s Shed has now reopened under the government rules and this has meant a great deal to the men who can get together again.

Any men who want to check out the shed and all our activities, and are interested in membership you are most welcome to visit from 9am Thursdays or Saturdays