Probus Ponderings – Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

As if the regular activities of the Combined Probus Club of Cherrybrook are not enough to keep members busy, March saw a group of 30 members embark on a much awaited and several times postponed, (due to Covid restrictions) trip to the Victorian Silo Art Trail. Everyone agreed that the wait had been worthwhile and were delighted and in awe of the fabulous creations and the talents of the artists.


In addition to the decorated silos we viewed a wide variety of street art and some other wonderful attractions including The Stick Shed and The Spanner Man Collection with neither name revealing the true wonder of the venue. For those unable to attend our interest groups continued offering a wide variety of activities.

Upcoming events include a social drive and lunch, Happy Hour Drinks and a getaway to the Blue Mountains incorporating day and night walks, exceptional gardens, a Gala Dinner, lots of tasty treats as usual and sightseeing.

If you are an able bodied, semi-retired or retired couple and have promised yourselves to get out, meet new people and have new experiences the Combined Probus Club of Cherrybrook could be for you.

Our meetings are held at the Cherrybrook Community and Cultural Centre on the first Thursday of each month.

For up to date information please contact Ross on 041 1104 863. We look forward to warmly welcoming you to our Probus Club to share the good times.