Lighting Up the World

Children in impoverished countries who don’t have lights at home will soon be receiving the gift of a solar powered light because of a unique event at Pacific Hills Christian School.

Junior School decided to celebrate Father’s Day this year – the first in two years due to COVID lockdowns – with the focus not being on our Dads but on the needy. More than 225 fathers responded to the call to participate with their children in the Solar Buddies Build A Light program, which was organised by the STEM (science-technologyengineering- maths) department. The parents arrived at School at the end of the day and spent the evening collaborating with their children to construct the light kits.

The night included a BBQ, a very busy coffee cart and staff dressed in fun costumes to add to the excitement. It was a wonderful opportunity for our families to contribute to a worthy cause. Approximately 10 percent of people in developing countries are impacted by energy poverty.

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