Probus Ponderings

The past month has brought many activities for members and visitors to the Combined Probus Club of Cherrybrook. The Powerhouse Museum at Ultimo was extremely interesting with diverse special exhibits to engage members followed by a delicious meal of excellent value at the Glasgow Arms Hotel. Our October Meeting welcomed Guest Speaker, Elizabeth Sequeria, who enlightened us on ‘How to Write a Life Story’. This was of particular interest to members who realise the importance of telling their story, including great Probus activities and friendships, before it is too late! A fabulous outing to Boongala Gardens at Kenthurst was a must with owner Mal guiding the group through beautiful rainforest areas and showing exquisite orchids. We also enjoyed a lovely drive to the Wyong Milk Factory. Culturally, The Phantom of the Opera performance was outstanding.

Upcoming events inspire excitement. These include all regular sporting activities, a visit to the Rhododendron Garden at Blackheath, a great walk at Collaroy, the Good Old Days Concert in the city, Happy Hour drinks and nibbles and an overseas jaunt across the ditch.

If you are an able bodied, semi-retired or retired couple and wish to get out, meet new people and have new experiences the Combined Probus Club of Cherrybrook could be for you.

Our meetings are held at the Cherrybrook Community and Cultural Centre on the first Thursday of each month. For current information please contact Ross on 0411 104 863. We look forward to warmly welcoming you to our Probus Club.