Dural Cub Scouts

By Warren Payne

1st Dural Cub Scouts set out on our hike at Eric Mobbs Reserve Castle Hill. It was a cloudy 21 degrees as we hiked through the bush with our daypacks.

We identified native plants and walked through creeks as we studied our maps. We stopped and had a break in a huge cave. We also collected cockatoo feathers. We finished our hike at a cool and windy 14 degrees! It was tiring but lots and lots of fun.

My favourite thing about Cubs is having new adventures with my friends. I like learning new things such as how to light a campfire, roasting marshmallows on a stick, learning sign language and the different types of knots and doing compass work. I look forward to going to Cubs every week.

Jessica Edwards – 1st Dural Cub Unit
Dural Scout Group has vacancies for Girls and Boys from 6 to 25 years. Joeys (5yo), Cubs (8yo), Scouts (12yo) and Venturers (16yo).

Please contact Group Leader Simon Edwards 0410 477 813 or [email protected]

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