Dural Scouts Back for 2022

All Sections of Dural Scouts are now back in full swing.

Some of the recent activities of the various Sections include mini raft building by the  Dural Scouts and a visit to the local golf driving range by the Cubs. The Joeys learnt about construction by building a bridge, learning about knots and showing confidence in their work by walking on the bridge.

Cubs have planned an interesting term including fire lighting for outdoor cooking, bike safety, including how to repair a puncture, an environmental scavenger hunt, knotting and ropework, use of a compass, navigation and map reading, making a tripod with poles and ropes, boiling a billy and finally an outdoor activity such as ice skating or rock climbing. The older cubs are encouraged to develop leadership skills by managing some of the activities.

The picture shows the Scouts and Venturers practising their abseiling skills before putting them to the test in the bush. A prusik loop is being used for the scout to climb a rope (a loop is made using a prusik knot in which a climber can place his foot to stand or ascend a rope. The loop can slide freely along the larger rope when not under load, but binds up when a load is applied).

Dural Scout Group has vacancies for Girls and Boys from 6 to 25 years. Joeys (5yo), Cubs (8yo), Scouts (12yo) and Venturers (16yo).

Please contact Group Leader Simon Edwards 0410 477 813 or [email protected]