Do You Have A Neck Pain?

Neck pain and headaches are among the biggest reasons why clients see their GP or health professional.

There can be many causes for neck pain including postural neck pain, tension headaches, jaw problems, disc bulges, neck muscle strain and wry neck.

To live a pain-free lifestyle, it’s important to diagnose the type of neck pain you are experiencing and identify the triggering factors. Every case is different and requires an individualised treatment approach.

For example, tension headaches are characterised by a “tightening” sensation over your skull (as if you’re wearing a hat that’s too small for you), whereas a wry neck generally occurs after waking and feels like a sharp twinge when you look over your shoulder.

When having neck pain episodes, it’s important to pay attention to what potential events have occurred to trigger an attack.

Common triggers include:
• Increased stress at work or at home

• Change in pillow or mattress

• Poor sleeping position

• Increased hours at work or behind a desk

• Recent injury to the lower back or other spinal regions.

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