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Hearing is such a vital sense. It’s loss can creep up so gradually, most people dismiss small but mounting frustrations as just “getting a bit older”.

Anecdotal evidence indicates people often don’t realise hearing loss is limiting their enjoyment and participation in life.

Old fashioned hearing aids were a Band- Aid solution. Just amplifying sound. This meant that sometimes the loud noises just got louder and there was no way to tune the signal to get a more natural way of hearing.

More recent technological changes led to hearing aids with directional microphones so that you can better hear the people speaking in front of you. This still created a handicap in small group conversations like dinner table gatherings.

Not anymore. Oticon, a leading Danish hearing aid manufacturer has developed a hearing aid that helps your brain process the sounds around you. Not just the voice in front of you. The hearing aid has been developed with a more personalised approach. It is designed to help you hear the meaningful sounds. Giving you back a more natural way of hearing and processing your environment. The hearing aid is called the Oticon More.

And as a bonus, these hearing aids have rechargeable batteries and Bluetooth connection allowing you to stream phone calls, music and so much more from your mobile phone or Ipad. Making it so easy to stay in touch with those you love.

Until 30 April, 2021, Hear-Clear Australia is offering a FREE two-week trial of this latest hearing aid. This is your opportunity to experience the latest in new technology and get more out of life today.

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