Reconciliation Week


At Pathways Community Counselling, we stand strongly in support of those in need, committed to being inclusive and supporting the diversity of all people in Australia, all walks of life, all races, [...]

Reconciliation Week2021-06-14T23:32:35+11:00

Seniors Sleep Matters!


As we grow older, we tend to spend more time on our bed, and Seniors Sleep Matter starts. It is wonderful that we can find that extra time which was not at [...]

Seniors Sleep Matters!2021-05-19T16:24:46+11:00

Women’s Mental Health


At Pathways Community Counselling we stand strongly to support those in need, with a deep commitment to caring for both men and women. International Day of Action for Women’s mental Health is [...]

Women’s Mental Health2021-05-19T22:09:05+11:00
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