Selecting the Right Agent

First Home Buyers - New Stamp Duty Rates & Rules,


August to November, are the best months for selling with open Homes, warmer months, springtime with flowers. When deciding to sell, July is the month, to look for the right selling agent and to do up the home for selling, kept to a minimum budget.

Go onto and, their sold sections, to get a feel of the prices sold in your suburb, and to compare those prices to your family home, if they are similar, superior or inferior.

This gives you a fair indication, before you contact local agents, for their marketing appraisals, fee structures, references, track record and their recommendations, which marketing and selling method to use, private treaty? or auction?

When selecting the right agent for selling, never choose the one, claims to offer you top price, as they are most likely bluffing to obtain the listing, with false expectations. Also, do not go for the 1% selling fee agent, who are so cheap, they perform little in service.

Go for the selling agent that has a good track record, with good selling results, service, and references, in which past vendors are singing their praises.

First Home Buyers - New Stamp Duty Rates & Rules