HEALTHCARE IS A TEAM SPORT – And you, the patient, are the captain.

The Olympics are around the corner! Although it’s going to look different this year with Covid-19, we are going to witness the pinnacle of human athleticism as individuals with their different roles work together to achieve something amazing.

There are lots of similarities between team sport and healthcare. There are people with different positions, moving towards a common goal and working hard to get there.

The old approach to healthcare with your GP in one location, physiotherapist in another, dietician somewhere else, and specialist elsewhere again does not work. No one person knows everything about the body. This model leads to poor outcomes, and you, the patient, get conflicting information on the next steps forward.

In this modern age, patient knowledge of their conditions is much better. You expect a good experience and care that reflects your preferences.

This whole process works easier when everyone’s in the same place. Let’s use knee pain, for example. You see your GP, who sends you to a physio. You walk across the hallway, have a session with your physio, who will provide you with an exercise plan.

The physio can then talk to your GP straight away to keep them in the loop. Because of the knee pain, balance may be an issue, or you might need to lose some weight to help with the knee.

You can then talk to the exercise physiologist or dietician to help you with that part. Or maybe it’s the back or hips that start playing up a little; that’s ok because you can speak to the chiro in the next room to get the best approach on that too.

Whilst all this is happening, you and all these clinicians are talking to create a plan based on your goals, preferences, lifestyle and experiences.

Because at the end of the day, your health matters, and you deserve to make that captain’s call.

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