What’s New at Round Corner Dental

We have had a busy start to the year at the practice and have enjoyed catching up with our patients after the holiday season. We recently held a Volunteer Day with the help and guidance of the Australian Dental Health Foundation.

The mission of the ADHF is to bridge the gap between those who can access dental care and those who cannot. They coordinate countless teams of volunteer dentists and dental staff across Australia to deliver pro bono care to those in need.

Last Friday, Dr Roy and Dr Rina cared for 10 patients who are engaged with drug and alcohol rehabilitation services and required both routine and complex dental treatment. It was an incredibly fulfilling experience for our team and a great day for some very happy and grateful patients.

With the years-long waiting lists in the public system, those who cannot afford or access even the most basic dental care will likely lose teeth that could have been preserved easily with prompt attention. Along with helping us to eat, breathe and communicate, a healthy smile and our overall oral health is also enormous contributor to self-esteem and mental wellbeing. It was wonderful to see how much impact we could make in just one day for some folks that needed a helping hand.


  • Worried about treatment? For our anxious patients of any age who find treatment especially stressful, we are now offering Nitrous Oxide (Happy Gas) to make your experience more comfortable.
  • Wanting straight teeth? Dr. Rina will be offering orthodontic consultations for clear aligners very soon, call us for enquiries or ask at your next appointment.
  • Self-conscious about those frown lines? Don’t forget Dr Olivia is available for Cosmetic Injectables. Call us to either add Injectables on to your existing appointment or book for a free consultation.

No time to call? Prefer to text rather than phone us? Go to our website at and use the Direct-To-SMS service. You can communicate with us on your time, at your convenience.