You Are The Gift. Share It!

Christmas will soon be here. While it can often make for the best of times, it can also make for some of the most stressful ones too. Many of us can feel down, overworked and frankly, exhausted leading up to this time of the year, taking its toll on our mental as well as our physical health. Looking after and appreciating yourself will help to safeguard your mental health over this festive season.

A great way to achieve this is by making yourself a priority. Give yourself permission to momentarily let go of the to-do-list. Remember Christmas is only one day, and, that there are always other days if it goes slightly pear-shaped. Set boundaries with people and let them know what you need and what you can and can’t do can help, after all it’s your Christmas too. Most of all, remember that you are the true Gift. Not the bought pressies, just you.

Perhaps it’s time to think about how to share the gift that is you. Christmas will soon be over and new year will be upon us. What do you want for your life in 2021? If you have ever considered a new career in counselling, now is the perfect time to take action. There is nothing more rewarding than helping others with their struggles and challenges. Your support might be just what is wanted and needed to make a difference.

Not only will you acquire the knowledge and skills to help others, you will also learn how you can live your own life with more awareness.

Pathways Psychology Institute and Bendigo Bank are offering scholarships for 2021 Diploma (CHC51015) course for local residents to train as national qualified counsellors.

Go to our website or call for more information on how you can make change in yourself and the world. Call 9653 2228.

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