Who Has A Pain In The Back?

Lower back pain is among the biggest burdens on our healthcare system. Over 80% of the population has had back pain at least once, and up to 85% of sufferers will have at least another recurrent episode in their lifetime.

Fortunately, over 95% of lower back pain conditions are due to mechanical causes. This means that they are entirely preventable and treatable, with only a small percentage requiring surgery.

Medical sources of treatment include pain medications, antiinflammatories and cortisone injections. These treatments can be effective at reducing and managing pain – however, these results are often short-lived as sufferers return to their previous activities too soon.

When lower back pain occurs, the body’s protective mechanisms can cause spasm in the back muscles and also inhibits the core muscles. If left untreated, this creates muscular imbalances and a vicious cycle of chronic back pain.

Our experience in helping hundreds of people points us to the following guidelines:

• Medical opinion and/or analgesia (if required)

• Physiotherapy treatment to alleviate symptoms, restore range of motion, and restore basic strength.

• Practical education of proper lifting and bracing techniques

• Supervised strength program and/or Pilates for long-term management

Lawrence is your local Physio helping Aussies stay pain-free and feeling better and stronger than ever.

You can find him at the new clinic Activ Therapy Dural [2/16-18 Kenthurst Road, Dural NSW 2158].

For more information please call (02) 9822 7335 or email [email protected]

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