Local Women Connecting For Support And Sharing

Sunday 11th October was a beautiful day, in many more ways than just the glorious weather. Under the blue skies and amongst the soaring eucalypts, Pathways Community Counselling held their first Women’s Workshop at the picturesque grounds of their Galston clinic.

The day was a wonderful opportunity for local women to gather together and journey inwards through meditation, reflection, art therapy and mindfulness. Through a variety of activities, attendees were invited to explore, heal, discover and celebrate their own unique and special gifts and strengths.

After a welcoming meditation and sound therapy with singing bowls, we began by exploring the inner wisdom of our body through movement. Or stillness. It mattered not which, as the essence of the activity was to ‘Arrive’ in our space and be present. After some sharing and morning tea, the group flowed into the second activity of the day, ‘Connect’, in which we aligned with the earth’s energy and our own inner compass.

A delicious lunch followed as we chatted and shared, before readying ourselves for our final activity, ‘Know’. During ‘Know’ the women were invited to recall a childhood dream or early memory. Through awareness and curiosity, we explored the conscious and subconscious meanings and deeper wisdoms that were revealed.

Tears were shed and laughter was shared. It was a safe space for being vulnerable; for being your authentic self. And as the day came to a close, amongst the unanimous expressions of gratitude, a single question was asked by all. “When can we do this again?”. It was so warming to know that we had met so many needs, opened so many hearts.

Given the success of our first workshop, we are excited to let you know we are already planning our next as a commitment to serving our local community.

Pathways Community Counselling Clinic is also launching a regular online Women’s Circle on 25th October.

If either of these activities interest you, just email [email protected] and we will get back to you with all the details.