Healthy Living – Dealing With Arthritis

Over 3.9 million Australians are living with arthritis – that’s 1 in 6 people. It’s the leading cause of chronic pain and the 2nd most common cause of disability and early retirement due to poor health in Australia.

Osteoarthritis occurs when the joint cartilage gradually wears away over time, causing the joints to ache, swell and stiffen up, leading to pain and disability.

Because the lower back, hips and knees take a majority of the load during standing and walking, these are by far the most common sites of arthritic pain.

Unfortunately too many sufferers are relying purely on medications to deal with their pain instead of focusing on the root cause of the issue.

The best way to prevent arthritic pain is a combination of weight management, restoring flexibility in the lower body, and building strength in the hips and legs.

Restoring the mobility of the joints in your lower back, pelvis and hips is a key focus in arthritis sufferers. This allows the body to move freely and function properly as nature intended.

Strengthening of the surrounding muscles of the hips is also crucial to offload impact forces from achy joints. This can mean significant relief for arthritis sufferers.

“Lawrence lives in the Hills District and has over seven years experience helping Aussie families stay pain-free and feeling better and stronger than ever. You can find him at his new clinic, Activ Therapy Dural [2/16-18 Kenthurst Road, Dural NSW 2158].

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