Wild Weather

By Katrina Langlands

Well, it sure seems the weather is once again giving us some wild times.

This last week we have seen hail, wind, heat and rain. I’m sure like us humans; your gardens have no idea what’s going on!

So let’s prepare your gardens whilst the moisture is in the ground.

Prune or remove and damage from your trees and shrubs caused by the hail. This pruning will ensure that all the new growth will spring to life after the rain.

Always the best time after the rain is to mulch all your gardens as this will keep the moisture in before the summer heat drys out the garden beds. We have plenty of mulches, so pop and have a look.

Plant all your summer veggies and annuals, mulch well and spread snail bait around. (I’ve noticed so many snails this year)

I have prepared a hail net near my veggie garden in case we have some frequent hail storms. These nets will hopefully prevent losing all our stock and produce.

Formboss garden rings are so popular with gardens and veggie gardens at the moment. We have some different sizes in stock, or your required sizes can be ordered – such a great gift idea for the home gardener for Christmas.

We have Instagram up and running so please follow us for up to date products and look out for our Christmas competition soon to be uploaded.

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