Why Small Business Need to do Videos

You’ve heard small businesses should be doing videos. Sure people watching more videos is one reason, but it’s not the only reason!

Videos allow 24/7 selling. Videos simulate doing an in person presentation, but you’ve created it once at your best because it’s stuff-up free.

Videos are great to record procedures for employees and demos for customers. It helps them see how easy it may be to use your product or service.

Address ‘just a quick question’. Once customers trust you as their expert, they will often ask quick questions. Although this is flattering, it’s time consuming! Record video answers to these questions. You can use these videos for marketing.

Videos can showcase behind the scenes which customers love. Lets people see how you do what you do (within reason).

Live videos on social channels including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Connect with your customers in real time and respond to their comments. Though not as good as previously, they can extend your social media reach.

Videos show us, as importantly all business is human to human. We can choose our channels as to how serious or silly we maybe. For instance, Tik Tok and Instagram Reels are all about entertainment with a bit of education.

Free online video training 18th May. Many people are nervous starting videos as you’re conscious about what you look like rather than concentrating on what you’re delivering to your customers.

You may be pleasantly surprised the tech isn’t too difficult nor expensive, to get decent quality basic videos out there. Contact me to book in.

Jane Tweedy | 0490 102 194
Western Sydney Business Centre | [email protected]

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