Who Are You Getting Advice From?

I’ve had multiple discussions recently with clients who’ve been critiqued by friends about their business. This lead to this article on who you’re getting your advice from.

The first person changed her brand and business name in response to negative comments her brand was “too fun”. However, she was uncomfortable about other issues people had raised about her offers. She is on both sides of the ledger in her industry and it’s a good thing. It gives her an offset when markets fluctuate and great insight to help each side.

I gave her comfort it was okay to stick with her gut instinct, and not be swayed by a few people. I shared some tips to help with her messaging and brand voice.

The second person hasn’t started her business, but mentioned a possible business name to others. The name incorporated words giving an appropriate vibe but did not include the standard words for the thing it was and included others instead. Some questioned whether she’d be selling the products in the name? If she wanted, she could sell the things as an add-on.

Regardless, does Apple sell apples? No. Sometimes we can have a response ready for critics to shut them down. She has options, but if it’s her gut instinct that the name is going to represent her brand and she loves it, go with it.

Another place where we can get bad advice is Facebook groups. We ask people who are well-meaning but they guess answers. So be mindful of advice from well-meaning people, or worse, keyboard warriors on Facebook.

Even trusted advisors aren’t always right. Follow-up with your own due diligence and validate information back to official source if applicable. Where it’s something that’s a decision for you, listen to suggestions, but decide primarily on YOUR gut instinct!

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