School Holiday Guide – Ultimate Frisbee at The Centre

The Centre at Dural has entered a new partnership with Hills Ultimate Frisbee to bring indoor Ultimate Frisbee competitions back to the Hills this Winter!

Ultimate Frisbee is a fun, fast paced game rapidly growing in popularity. Using a flying disc, or frisbee, it combines elements of netball, soccer and football to make a unique game that is enjoyed by many.

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate is an inclusive sport, with mixed games for all players over the age of 14. Players self umpire the game, using the “Spirit of the Game”. This encourages competitive play, while respecting other players and the rules of the game. This process fosters good sportsmanship and discourages antisocial or dangerous behaviour on the field – more enjoyable games for all!.

In the face of continued wet weather, indoor sports are hitting their stride this winter! With no washouts or frosty evenings, you can play indoors comfortably all winter long.

Get in touch with The Centre if you are interested in joining a new competition starting in early June. Call the sports team on 8989 0030 or email [email protected]. Mid-competition registrations are welcome!

Indoor soccer and netball winter competitions are already well underway, but now is a great time to start putting together your teams for the summer comp ready to register in August.

School Holidays are coming up soon which means registration sports clinics are now open. Inflatable World will also be open throughout the holidays.