Traffic Issues – Kenthurst / Dural / Round Corner (6)

By Stefanie Visser

Weren’t the roadworks fun on Kenthurst Road on Feb 3? Hands up who was in it?

The reasons were also fun to investigate:

• The repair was planned in holidays, but it was delayed by rain

• It was planned for the work to be undertaken over 2 shifts in one night and one shift through the day

• Everything went to plan until 2am, when there was a problem with the bobcat sweeping prior to applying the final layer (says the contractor) ……

Some very pressing issues are addressed by Alan Wakeley in this Dooral Roundup, therefore I would just like to alert you to the following:

Apparently Harris Farm has applied to take over the facilities of Pet Barn. While choice is always appreciated, I would just like you to imagine the impact on the traffic – and that is not only at peak times.

And a member of the community will explore “Behaviour Insights” by the Department of Premier & Cabinet. The behavior we want to change is, increasing the uptake of active transport options around schools. You can check it out here: As always, feedback, suggestions and ideas are always welcome: [email protected]

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