Stop Scully’s Skyscrapers in Cherrybrook

By Matt Kean Mp

The Minns government has plans to throw up a mini-Manhattan in Cherrybrook, proposing it as a desperate solution to the housing crisis.

The Cherrybrook precinct is an area characterised by its leafy streets and detached family homes.

With the opening of Cherrybrook Metro Station in 2019, the previous Coalition government worked with Planning NSW and local councils on increasing density around the new transport hub.

A three-year process was set to deliver 3200 new homes, comprising a mix of predominantly five storey and three-storey terraces, with the new streets having 50 per cent tree cover.

There was also a desire to deliver a library, community facility and other essential infrastructure, as part of these original plans. The strategy for Cherrybrook Station was finalised following years of work with community engagement, and it was approved by the previous Liberal government in December 2022.

However, I have now learned the current Labor state government is looking to significantly increase the number new residences around Cherrybrook. I understand the new estimated additional rezonings could lead to up to 8000 additional homes with little or no supporting infrastructure.

Stop Scully’s Skyscrapers in Cherrybrook
Skyscrapers as in Sydney are not appropriate in Cherrybrook

I am seeking a briefing to understand if the government is proposing to make changes to the Cherrybrook Metro precinct and, if so, what exactly are those changes being considered.

In a letter sent to Planning Minister Paul Scully in February, I asked for an urgent briefing on the proposed changes however, I am yet to have received a reply.

I believe this additional development now being considered in the quiet suburb of Cherrybrook has not taken into account all the work already done to achieve the existing, approved housing plan for the area.

After years of promises, Labor have spent their first year in power achieving nothing in housing. Now their Planning Minister, Carl Scully’s desperate solution is to throw up a high-rise hub of skyscrapers in every Liberal seat. Communities should not be punished based on where they live.

If you would like to voice your concerns, you can sign my petition to save Cherrybrook at

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