Spectacular Wildflowers

Apart from the many tones of green that can be characteristically seen throughout the bushland environment, there are other striking colours that can attract the attention of the bushwalker. Some of these colours are bright and showy, whilst others may be more subtle and less noticeable.

To fully appreciate the extensive variety in the range of colours for our wildflowers, it is probably better to visit the same locality several times during the same year in order to observe which flowers are in season at any given time. Some may have an extended flowering season, whilst others may only last for a shorter time.

Habitats differ. Some plants prefer a protected environment whilst others thrive while being out in full view. Frequently, it is the less visible wildflowers that reveal some of the most intricate shapes. Many of the examples shown here are very small and can often be overlooked, particularly when they may be obscured by other more vigorously growing shrubs. (The relative sizes of the images shown opposite do not reflect the comparative size of the flower).

Many of these smaller plants, including orchids, may only produce one or two flowers on any given day. Some plants produce a cluster of small blooms that could be mistaken as a single but complex flower. Being able to photograph these flowers and then upload them to a computer enables their intricate beauty to be displayed dramatically. It is a bit like having a digital magnifying glass that helps to see what is actually concealed within the confines of each flower’s structure.