Porter’s Road Fire Trail Walk


To commence this walk it is necessary to first drive to the northern end of Porters Road Kenthurst until a locked gate is reached. Adequate parking is available. Public pedestrian access only is available beyond this point unless authorised.

Follow the track that rises slightly along a low ridge in a general northerly to northwesterly direction, until another track branches off to the left. Follow this track as it slopes away to the west passing through some areas of fairly open bushland.

Further along a track branches off to the right which is part of a loop track that occurs towards the end of the main Porter’s Rd track that bends to the right and returns to where they branched earlier.

There are several other tracks that are worth exploring along the way, particularly out towards the end of this low tableland where views across the creek valleys can be enjoyed. To return to the car park it is necessary to retrace your journey toward the top of the rise down which you first came.

Scattered amongst the sometimes thick undergrowth there can be found many of the wildflowers that thrive in this landscape. So too, there are trees with colourful bark patterns and textures. Trees with masses of creamy blossoms are a feature during certain periods of the year.

Probably the best way to gain the most from being in this environment is to join one of the Guided Bushwalks organised by the Hills Shire Council.

Porters Road Fire Trail Walk

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