Seniors play at Fit Kidz Dural North 

At Fit Kidz we pride ourselves on our enriching, educational and memorable interactions for our children and families. Residents of a local aged care home were invited to join our children for morning tea and play. The children helped bake cupcakes and scones for our special event!

The way the children took to the residents was just beautiful. The stories we heard from the residents from Bupa were both entertaining and historical! 

We would love to make this a regular incursion for the children at Fit Kidz Dural North! The feedback from the carers at Bupa, was so positive and the interaction with the children really lifted their spirits. Some of the residents didn’t want to get back on the bus to go home! 

We have since established a Pen Pal system between our children and the residents.  The children will stay connected through sharing letters, artworks and perhaps even a zoom here and there between visits! 

A truly heart-warming experience for all involved.

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