Kenthurst Probus 

Kenthurst Probus 

Kenthurst Probus were addressed by an intriguing speaker at its July Meeting: Faye Yarrol, who was unfortunate to be born with severe hearing loss, and who later became profoundly deaf through injury. Faye brought along her Lions Hearing Dog, Sydney, a working dog who uses her acute senses to keep Faye safe. These dogs are provided, trained, funded and supported by Australian Lions Clubs and public donation.

The photo shows Sydney in Faye’s arms: not the dog’s usual mode of operation.

Kenthurst Probus next meeting is Monday 21 August at the Kenthurst Uniting Church, this time to hear a talk on the unfortunate debacle concerning the “Costa Concordia”, the cruise vessel that ran aground while navigating in the Mediterranean, which should be of interest to those Australians who are “cruise-minded”. 

The meeting starts at 9.30 AM till about 11.30. Visitors are advised that no-one has ever been turned away from attending Kenthurst Probus!

For information, Probus membership director Burt Stuut in advance on 9652 1239.