Rouse Hill RFS Wins Competition … What Motivates a RFS Volunteer

Congratulations to Rouse Hill RFS (Rural Fire Service) on winning the Australian Pump Industries What Motivates an RFS Volunteer competition.

As the winning prize, the brigade will receive an Aussie Fire Captain Plus high-pressure fire fighting pump, part of the Aussie Pumps Red Brigade produce line.

The quality and number of responses were mind-blowing and the team at Aussie Pumps whittled down the entries to three finalists including:

• Manyana Rural Fire Service
• Glenhaven Rural Fire Service
Rouse Hill Rural Fire Service

Rouse Hill RFS
Deputy Captain Gabe D’Eustachio and fire fighter Luke Batten totally exhausted
after fighting fires at Wheelbarrow Track Road at the Gospers Mountain fire
back in November 2019


The winning entry submission reads as follows:
Motivation is driven by an intrinsic desire to assist people in need. This need can manifest itself in the form of fire, flood, motor vehicle accidents, ambulance assists, or even helping the elderly prepare their home for fire season. This desire is the glue that binds volunteers together and is displayed through mateship, sharing knowledge and skills plus supporting each other during the good times and the bad times.”

The Rouse Hill RFS winning entry was written by Neridene Goss who said, “We are extremely excited to be announced as the winner of the Aussie Fire Captain Plus pump. It was great to be able to share this fabulous news with all the brigade.”

Neridene also supported her entry with a number of photos of the Rouse Hill RFS in action including an inspiring photo showing Deputy Captain Gabe D’Eustachio and fire fighter Luke Batten totally exhausted after fighting fires at Wheelbarrow Track Road at the Gospels Mountain fire back in November 2019.

The Aussie Fire Captain Plus fire fighting pump will be delivered to Rouse Hill RFS as soon as the current Covid lockdown restrictions are lifted.

Aussie Pumps Brad Farrugia said, “We decided to award a prize to the brigade that could best express exactly what makes an ordinary citizen take on the role of volunteer fire fighter in 50 words or less.”

“The more we get to understand the RFS and its people giving up their time to train and fight fires, the more we realise what a huge debt we owe. We applaud the RFS members who selflessly protect the lives and properties of others.”

“We are touched by the work, the attitude and the sacrifice made by fire fighting volunteers that give up their time and risk their lives to help others. They set an example that is an inspiration to us all.” added Aussie Pumps Product Manager, Brad Farrugia.

Australian Pump Industries is the builder of the high pressure fire fighting pumps that have been supplied to key government departments including NSW Fire and Rescue, NSW National Parks, plus other fire authorities throughout Australia.

Further information on Aussie Pumps Support Programs for RFS Brigades is available from and from Aussie Pumps distributors throughout Australia.