Right Royal Riders

It is not every day that one cleans up at home and finds a retractable flag pole hiding out in a dark corner of the garage.

As a long standing member of a Probus Club the finder gives it to the Management Committee to find a suitable recipient who currently might be looking for a flag pole.

This is the job I was presented with on top of my regular duties, when I took over the reins as Secretary of the Probus Club of Round Corner earlier this year. Now it just happens that my partner is a member of a local pony club and following the pony club monthly meetings their Minutes are circulated to members and appear on my shared email address and sometimes I take the time to read them.

The May General-Business paragraph commences “see the Rotary man about a flagpole“. What does this mean? I ponder, so after a few emails and enquiries we determine the Dural Pony Club is in fact looking for a flagpole.

The riders of the club’s Junior Committee want to introduce flag-raising at the commencement of each rally day together with singing of the National Anthem. This is in preparation of their 60th anniversary celebrations in 2023.

The pony club members invited our President and Secretary to come along to the inaugural flag-raising event and presented us with a Certificate of Appreciation.