New Line Road – The Plan Without A Plan



State and Federal Members Matt Kean and Julian Leeser have asked the Dural community to have their say on what changes they want along New Line Road (NLR); feedback on congestion, safety, etc. The information provided would help them better understand the problems experienced by residents and commuters.

In April 2019, Mr Leeser described NLR as “… a road that is too narrow in some places and not safe for children to cross. All this needs to be looked at, and improvements are urgently needed.”

In September 2020, Mr Leeser announced that funding of $20million ($10m from Federal funds) was in place and that investigation would commence immediately to make the NLR shovel ready for an upgrade. However, according to the Federal Department of Infrastructure, the study will be completed in 2025. Not very urgent after all.

As far as the cost of the plan is concerned, $3.2m per km (NLR is 6.2km) just for the plan is a bit rich (NLR is 6.2km). If the pencil costs $20m, how much will the shovel cost?

Dural is saturated with schools and senior living establishments. Minor accidents have caused gridlock of 90minutes or more. In the event of a bushfire, the consequences would be catastrophic!

On top of all this, if the plan were to be completed in less than five years, when would the construction commence? According to the Hills Council’s Hills Future 2036 Plan – Planning Priority 14 (page 73) indicates that key road connections (Old Northern Rd, Annangrove Rd and New Line Rd) were identified in the NSW Gov.’s Future Transport 2056, will not be planned within the next 20 years. Future Transport 2056 does not make any mention of these roads. Not one word!!

I hope that many in the community will send their feedback asking for answers. New Line Road