“Muck-Up Day” at the Country Club Bowls

No white uniforms to be seen, just bowlers in their party gear! So they played PARTY BOWLS! With random rinks and no teams, each played for him/herself.

The problem was if their bowl was furthest from the jack was taken off the rink, so eventually, there was only one person on the rink with a bowl, hence the winner. Long-time member Paddy Gaul was the only winner with the three bowls he started with. The other winners were Sue Vidin, Anne Wilson and Diane Trovato.

After the game, all adjourned to the reopened Casa Nostra Room where lunch was served and the year’s prizes were presented to the worthy winners and runners-up. Stuart Yeend and Judith Harris won the Major Singles. Marelle Saunders and Leone Lesslie, Terry Oliver and Ray Vidin and Phil Bonvino and Stuart Yeend won pairs competitions. Everyone hoped to win one of the great raffle prizes although not many did as the draw definitely had favourites.

A number of new bowlers are starting to play on Tuesday morning or Wednesday or Saturday afternoons.

Anyone wishing to learn should phone 0421 315 074 or 0411 375 580.

Country Club Bowls

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