Meeting the Needs Of Our Community

My Story is a family owned preschool and long day-care service. Anna and I (Chloe) decided to create this community because we were dissatisfied with the bureaucracy and sterility of the big chains.

We believe that warmth, responsiveness and meaningful relationships are the basis of excellent education and care.

We all know that the past year and a half has been extremely unsettling – and at times distressing – for many families. For this reason, we have decided to adjust our ‘minimum 2 day/ week’ policy. We’ve heard many stories of parents needing ‘just one day’ to attend to life admin, get some solid work from home hours in, maybe give some respite to grandparent carers or simply give ourselves some calm breathing room to support mental wellbeing. If it is helpful to you and your family, we are happy to provide education and care for your child in the form of a 1 day/week booking.

We offer families the first two weeks free to ease the financial pressure while you get started, and we don’t take a bond.

If you feel we might be good fit for your child and your family, you can contact us here: Ph: 9651 1855 | Email: [email protected] Web: Facebook and Instagram: @mystorydural

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