Are you Needing your Children to Manage Big Emotions and Frustrations?

Here at Kids Yoga Wellness is a safe space for kids to Manage Big Emotions and be their authentic self in a non-competitive environment. Classes are available casual or term based for ages 4 to 16 years of age.

As a qualified Children’s Yoga Instructor, my goal is to educate; provide a programme tailored to each age group where I introduce yoga postures and mindfulness to children to give them the tools to manage their emotions. With practice and time, this will empower the children to connect mind and body and promote general well-being. This can be a life long tradition of sharing and practising yoga in your family and creating a space where children learn, share, grow and enjoy.

Yoga gives the gift of joy. Children experience a full-body workout through creative play, engaging themes, storytelling and music while learning the basic yoga poses or asanas. The benefits of yoga are an effective way of developing flexibility, strength and focus for both mind and body. The practice of breathwork and meditation will help improve concentration and resilience. Other benefits include boosting self-confidence, relieving stress and anxiety.

Parents don’t forget to redeem your $100 voucher through Active Kids when you sign up for the term.

For more details please contact Enza on 0450 382 833 or email [email protected].

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manage big emotions

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