International Futsal Thriller in Dural!

International Futsal Thriller in Dural!

The Centre in Dural recently hosted 2 International Futsal games between the Solomon Islands and Australia’s Futsalroos. The stadium was packed with spectators and buzzing with energy of not just the excitement of the game, but the strong emotional ties Dural has with players from both teams!

Money raised at The Centre helped fund the Futsal league in the Solomon Islands, which grew to become a thriving sport program. The Solomon Island International team went on to play in the last four Futsal World Cups, seeking to qualify again for the 2024 Cup in Uzbekistan.

Brian Codrington, one of the pastors at The Centre, helped form the foundational links with the Solomon Islands through the SALT Leadership and Training Program. The recent games were a chance for him to see boys he first knew from those early days now thriving and playing for their country.

It was also a thrill to see The Australian Futsalroos right here in Dural. The line-up boasted two players from the Dural Warriors, the representative Futsal Club based at The Centre. These players grew up playing at Dural, once a Warrior, always a Warrior!

Australia took out the win the end, but the games were tightly fought and sensational to watch.

International Futsal Thriller in Dural!

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