A Class with our Local Arcare Residents

A Class with our Local Arcare Residents

This year, Hills Grammar’s Senior School English classes and residents from Arcare are participating in an Intergenerational Learning Program.

This weekly program provides enriching opportunities for the students and visitors to connect via a good old fashioned conversation in the comfort of the Senior School Library.

Each visit witnesses interesting discussions about personal heroes, school life in the past and connections with family and friends; talking points highlighting both the differences and similarities between the generations.

Not only are the younger students fascinated by the stories told by the Arcare residents, they are especially intrigued by the concept of not having any form of technology to entertain oneself (a common theme that is revisited over and over and over again).

It was endearing to see how well students adjusted their conversation style to adapt to the individual needs of each resident, and is especially touching to see the enthusiasm of the students and their ‘Grandfriends’ as they greeted each other each week.

It is such a unique connection between the generations, and one that we will continue to watch flourish as the year goes on.