Ingrid Hobson Makes Glenorie Proud

Long time Glenorie resident Ingrid Hobson was in Canada in 2014 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

She was 49 years old and had three children. She had worked at Hornsby Hospital for 16 years as a registered nurse.

The cancer diagnosis led to a double mastectomy surgery in September 2014.

After her initial rehabilitation, Ingrid returned to her love of sport, competing in several short triathlon events – swimming, cycling and running – which she has continued to do regularly over the past 8 years. In June 2021, Ingrid moved north to Port Macquarie. Once established, she commenced an intense 12 month training regime with the goal of competing in the Asia Pacific Ironman Championship in Cairns in June this year.

The Iron Man event entails a 3.8km swim, 180km cycling, and finally a 42.2km marathon run!

The maximum time allowed for “Iron Man” status was 16 hours 30 minutes. At the tender age of almost 57 years, Ingrid clocked 14 hours 35 minutes 57 seconds.

The event started at 8am and Ingrid crossed the finish tape at 10:35pm! She finished 13th in her age group, 153rd by gender, and 831st overall out of 927 starters. This was not just a physical commitment!

The entry fee was $1,000 – one had to be really serious to enter! Ingrid Hobson is a shining example that there IS life after cancer! Bravo Ingrid, Glenorie is proud of you.