Latest From The Rotary Club of West Pennant Hills and Cherrybrook

CHANGEOVER DINNER The Club held its Changeover Dinner on Sunday 26 June which was well attended by members and guests. The outgoing Board was thanked and the incoming Board was welcomed. Our new President for 2022/2023 is Janelle Craig. PRIDE OF WORKMANSHIP AWARDS The Club held its Pride of Workmanship Awards on 4 July 2022 […]

Ingrid Hobson Makes Glenorie Proud

Long time Glenorie resident Ingrid Hobson was in Canada in 2014 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was 49 years old and had three children. She had worked at Hornsby Hospital for 16 years as a registered nurse. The cancer diagnosis led to a double mastectomy surgery in September 2014. After her initial […]

Afternoon Tea Raises Funds and Support for Cancer

Often embarking on a mission to create awareness around a noble cause can be daunting, but with the full support of the community behind you, nothing seems impossible. On this journey, you hope to educate, rally and even inspire people from all walks of life. A cause I recently rallied behind is very close to […]

Computer Pals for Seniors – The Hills

Are you, like many other seniors, somewhat struggling to keep up with today’s daunting world of technology? If the answer is a firm ‘yes’ then you may like to consider joining ‘Computer Pals for Seniors’ – The Hills, a ‘not for profit, 23 year old organisation, completely manned by an abundant social group of volunteers, […]

CWA News

“As one of the youngest members of CWA Galston, I couldn’t be happier to belong to such a beautiful group. Sure, I joined because Mum joined, but I’ve since entered cooking and craft competitions, won some awards, and met a bunch of wonderful ladies. Thank you, CWA, for going to so much effort to make […]

Adventurous Times for Dural Scouts

Dural Scouts have had a varied and interesting programme during last term. Cubs and Joeys enjoyed a night activity at Indoor Rock Climbing. It was a great opportunity for Cubs/ Joeys to be active and courageous. A great activity where they used their muscles and strength to climb as high as they could. They learnt […]