Adventurous Times for Dural Scouts

Dural Scouts have had a varied and interesting programme during last term.

Cubs and Joeys enjoyed a night activity at Indoor Rock Climbing. It was a great opportunity for Cubs/ Joeys to be active and courageous. A great activity where they used their muscles and strength to climb as high as they could. They learnt to put on harnesses and to generally encourage each other.Well done to all who faced their fears, whether they took one step onto the wall or reached the top.

The Scouts and Parents conducted a weekend BBQ for the Galston Squash Club. It is incredibly important for our youth members to undertake volunteering activities, and this is one way that many of them can get this opportunity. Volunteering helps them gain valuable skills, builds confidence, provides a level of personal happiness/ fulfilment, and paves the way for them to be active contributors to their local communities as they mature into young adults!!

On a beautiful rare sunny day, the Cubs set out to explore and enjoy the Tracks and Trails in Rouse Hill. They encountered many surprises along the way, gained some skills and confidence in their ability to take care of themselves on the trail and found a greater appreciation for the outdoors.

Dural Scout Group has vacancies for Girls and Boys from 6 to 25 years. Joeys (5yo), Cubs (8yo), Scouts (12yo) and Venturers (16yo).

Please contact Phirooza: 0411 731 976 or [email protected] or Simon: [email protected])