How Can I Work From Home When My Internet Sucks?

Work From Home And why you shouldn’t settle for less with ADSL or Satellite. The global pandemic has changed many aspects of life.

For your child, it may be the switch to remote learning— For you, it might be working from home instead of at the office. Now there’s nothing wrong with these changes, but what do both have in common? They need a Reliable Internet Connection from home, to end –

• the frustration of having to wait for videos to load

• getting bottlenecked wi-fi because more than one person is on it

• or even having the internet cut out at times due to its unreliability.

Now imagine these problems as well as daily zoom meetings for work and school. It is a recipe for disaster. Luckily there is a solution for all issues, but more on that later.

Currently, the issue lies with the way you get your connection. As of now, the 2 main methods are ADSL and Satellite.

ADSL runs on old copper lines that have been in use since the infrastructure to get internet to your town was put in place. But, as content demands more speed and reliability due to its size and detail, it is a struggle to get anything consistent for most people.

Internet coming from a satellite requires many steps. To get any information via satellite internet
• you have to connect to the satellite
• the satellite connects to a ground station
• the ground station goes to the internet
• then it goes through nodes back to your computer.

Pica Electrical brings 15 years of electrical and solar experience to Australian consumers. They understand the struggle of inconsistent internet speeds, especially in rural communities. We can assist you with a custom solution if you are frustrated with your current download speed and the stability of your connection.

At Pica Electrical, we offer a free demonstration of the system that we provide. This system is reliable and capable of improving your latency and speed. We visit your premises to run a test and let you connect to the system and see it working on your own devices.

We will also help you optimise your data connectivity around home. Choose the experts at Pica Electrical.

Pica Electrical Phone: 1300 653 556
Email: [email protected]

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